Introducing the Hamburger Land- und Golf-Club e.V.: Learn more about our board, management and office staff, and meet our coaches, greenkeeping team and housekeeper.


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Herbert Dürkop
Herbert DürkopPresident

A Club For All Ages

We are a family-oriented club. Our 19 teams of all ages are playing successfully in the German golf league. We also recruit emerging talents from currently five local school teams ages 9 and 10 which are being lovingly coached and guided by one of our dedicated golf instructors. The HLGC was awarded the Junior Silver Medal from the German Golf Association.

The Grounds

Our club offers excellent training conditions, featuring a wonderful driving range and top-notch coaches. There are no restrictions in terms of opening hours – you may play anytime, unless we have a tournament going on which we invite you to participate in. Enjoy excellent cuisine from our patio overlooking the Elbe valley of origin across holes 17 and 18.

Our Mission

It is our mission to unite old traditions, a beautiful ambience, sophistication, and a love for the game. Cultivating friendship by our numerous social activities and the athletic challenge of playing one of the most beautiful and demanding golf courses in the country are part of our philosophy.

Our Community

Our club’s membership thrives on empathy and mutual respect. We appreciate our new members‘ becoming part of our community by getting involved as best as they can. Our coaches and staff are always happy to help.

Golf For Everyone

Luckily golf is no longer just a sport for the rich and famous, a trend that can be observed in other countries as well. Our members enjoy golfing as a family sport for all ages which can be practiced worldwide at any time.

We Care About The Environment

Golfing helps all generations connect with nature and especially promote personal health. Protecting our environment is essential. We were awarded the Silver Certificate for Golf & Nature from the German Golf Association.

Visitors Welcome

We gladly welcome visitors to play and hold events. Our parties are legendary. In the summer we offer a beautiful and family-friendly pool. Two tennis courts are free to use for members and guests alike. In the winter we enjoy our curling rink.

Leading Golf Clubs Of Germany

Along with 34 other excellent member-oriented golf clubs in the country we are part of a community of values called LEADING GOLF CLUBS OF GERMANY.


Our club, which is located in a beautiful rural area devoid of any congestion, can be reached within a half hour from downtown Hamburg and even more easily coming from the south. Even members and guests hailing from western Hamburg agree that the Elbtunnel is more a psychological than an actual barrier.

Youth Department

Membership fees and donations provided by a charitable organization supporting young athletes in our region help offset costs associated with running our youth department.

In short, the The Hamburger Land- und Golfclub Hittfeld e.V. is a feel good club in every respect. We look forward to meeting you!


Herbert Dürkop
Herbert DürkopPresident
Stefanie Kühl
Stefanie KühlBoard/Club-Management/Youth
Thomas Apfelt
Thomas ApfeltMarketing | Game Management
Dr. Jan Wolters
Dr. Jan WoltersSecretary
Hans-Dietrich Kühl
Hans-Dietrich KühlAddl. VP | Team Manager
Alexander Delmes
Alexander DelmesHouse & Yard
Franz Nienborg
Franz NienborgTreasurer
Margareta Schirmacher
Margareta SchirmacherCommunication & Marketing


Stefanie Kühl
Stefanie KühlBoard/Club-Management/Youth

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Corina Hagel
Corina HagelAdministrative Assistant
Birgit Tiedemann
Birgit TiedemannAdministrative Assistant
Marina Brandt
Marina BrandtAdministrative Assistant
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Ben Huber
Ben HuberGolf Coach

Mobile: 0171 – 531 23 91

2009 – 2012: Apprentice at GC Starnberg
Fully Qualified Golf Professional degree awarded by PGA of Germany

2011 – 2012: Certified Trainer (C License) Competitive Sports – German Olympic Sports Confederation (Golf)
– Youth Coaching
– Talent Recruitment & Nurturing

2012: Certified Trainer (B License) Competitive Sports – German Olympic Sports Confederation (Golf)
– Competitive Team Coaching

Since 2016: PGA Health Pro (Golf & Health)
Healthy golfing: practicing golf in a preventive or therapeutical context beyond the common swing and its effects on the body.

Since 2016: Education level G2 at PGA

Since 2018: Certified Trainer (A License) Competitive Sports – German Olympic Sports Confederation (Golf )
– Training for reaching your individual highest potential
– Competitive squad training

60 mins – 70 Euros
30 mins – 35 Euros

10 Euros per additional participant. Up to 4 participants per group.

Classes on request.

Tim Quitmeyer
Tim QuitmeyerGolf Coach

Mobile: 0172 – 244 92 96

  • 1993 – 1995 Apprentice at GC Ostfriesland graduating with Fully Qualified Golf Professional degree by PGA of  Germany
  • Since 1995 PGA Golf Professional Status G4
  • Since 1998 Coach at HLGC
  • Since 2004 C Trainer License at the German Golf Association (DGV)

60 mins – 70 Euros
30 mins – 35 Euros

Classes on request.

Philip Drewes
Philip DrewesGolf Coach

Mobile: 0172 – 413 89 17

  • Since 2002 Coach at HLGC
  • 2002-2003 Apprenticeship and Fully Qualified Golf Professional degree awarded by PGA of Germany, C and B License
  • 2004-2005 Certified Trainer (A License) Competitive Sports – German Olympic Sports Confederation (Golf) & TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
  • 2005-2009 Certified Golf Coach – German Olympic Sports Confederation / German Golf Association at Cologne Trainer Academy of the German Olympic Sports Confederation
  • Since 2009 PGA Golf Professional Status G1

60 mins – 80 Euros
30 mins – 40 Euros

Classes on request.


Frank Schäfer
Frank SchäferHead Greenkeeper

Since 2004 employed at HLGC

1995 Certified Agricultural Machinery Mechanic
1999 Certified Greenkeeper (DEULA)
Since 2014 President of Greenkeeper Nord e.V.
2018 Certified Greenkeeper (GVD)
2019 HNC Golf Course Management

Turgay Özkök
Turgay ÖzkökGreenkeeper
Lars Lehrmann-Heins
Lars Lehrmann-HeinsGreenkeeper
Jens Diedrichsen
Jens DiedrichsenGreenkeeper
Thomas Purgander
Thomas PurganderGreenkeeper
Bernd Keller
Bernd KellerGreenkeeper
André Albers
André AlbersGreenkeeper
Lars Timm
Lars TimmGreenkeeper


Stefan Kliemann
Stefan KliemannHousekeeper


Stoeterau Kuechen